Rolex: opening of a store in Marseille with Frojo

Rolex comes to join the more prestigious Marseille retailers, Frojo, to open an exclusive Rolex boutique in Marseille, in the 1st District of this city that represents for the Geneva Manufactory, one of its most famous associations: the provision of Submariner and Sea-Dweller for the Comex.

So here is the fourth exclusive shop Rolex in France (cinquieme with that of Monaco). Indeed, after Paris (with the Lassaussois brothers and the Dubai family), after Lyon (with Jean-Louis Maier), it is now the turn of Marseille (with family Frojo) to host a store that will bring together all the models of the brand to the Crown.

The fact is that Marseille is a rather special city for Rolex. Indeed, that's where is installed the Comex (Compagnie Maritime d'expertise), French company specializing in underwater interventions at great depths. However, Rolex provides watches to Comex since the second half of the 1960s. The Submariner and Sea-Dweller who wear the logo of the Marseilles company and on the bottom the diver number on their dial.

Indeed, the Comex was looking for at the time a watch capable of supporting significant pressures. Until then, any timepiece was able to resist; they exploded on the wrist of divers during ascent to the surface. It is the invention of the helium by Rolex valve which solved these problems. These watches are particularly sought after by collectors. Their sides in the auctions are simply mind-blowing...

Rolex and Edouard Frojo, Replica Watches uk  owner of the eponymous brand were so open in Marseille, in the 1st arrondissement, the first store exclusively devoted to the brand in Marseille (Rolex joined always a renowned local retailer to open exclusive boutiques unlike most brands that open live).

Located in the heart of the Carré d'Or Marseille, two steps from the old Port, this space of approximately 120 m2 expresses the attention that Rolex as Frojo elsewhere, "carry the values of prestige and elegance, and reflects the recent innovations of the architectural Charter governing the Rolex spaces around the world". The walls are ridged stone or stucco clear beige with cream leather of the walls bounding the spaces. Walnut in very pure grain framed some windows. The furniture is also covered with light leather. The famous Crown, symbol of the mark and which the grounds dressed one of the stucco walls, is a more explicit reference yet to the Rolex world.

Aside of spaces sales, lounge atmosphere very cozy offers a more private place with chairs, library and coffee table, in which is exposed in the window a most exclusive selection of   watches. Overhanging, a mezzanine houses a service workshop where a watchmaker trained Rolex quality standards takes care of watches that are entrusted to it, thanks to tools and also brand-specific processes.

The history of Replica rolex  Watches uk this dynasty of clockmakers-OM Jewellers in fact began in 1854 when Eugenio Frojo, arrived from his native Piedmont, between as foreman watches at Charlet. Fifty years later, his son Edward bought the company and creates Frojo-Chan. In a hundred sixty years, five generations have succeeded one another.

Since 2009, Edouard Frojo, great-grandson, ensures the sustainability of this prestigious Marseille House. "The opening of this first monobrand boutique in Marseille celebrates the culmination of generations of collaboration with the brand to the Crown", says Edouard Frojo, CEO of the sign.